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Jameson Whiskey



I will be working with jameson Whiskey who are hoping to develop a locally inspired cocktail to celebrate thier local connections to Belfast and Northern Ireland and using sustainable ingredients in the region.

The Task

The task is to create a digital product or experience that will assist with the process in some way. Initial ideas could be:

  • An app that allows mixologists and bartenders to submit thier cocktail for consideration
  • A map based product that allows people to source the ingredients themselves and demonstrates how to make the cocktail at home.
  • A digital product that displays local establishments where the cocktail is available and connects these businesses to Jameson and the sense of place in NI

However, the brief was open for ideas and you could feel free come up with your own response to the problem.

The Idea

For the Jameson whiskey project, I began brainstorming ideas based off the brief straight away due to the small deadline (1 week) I had to be quick and efficient. So I came up with this idea:


An app or a website that tailors a drink for you based on questions you answered.

for example:

  • Where you live in N.Ireland?
  • Favorite season?

and much more...


This small project was quite fun and challenging, due to the timescape. But having done the wireframes and created a prototype in just a few days I’m very pleased.


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