Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes Project


The Brief

The Fame for the module is about Sherlock Holmes and are goal is to create and responsive website or ebook based on the fame.


storytelling can be used to enhance content, this module considers how concepts like art direction, pacing and narrative can be used to control the flow of information.

Throughout the creation of are piece’s of narrative web-based content, we will be taught the dynamics of design as it unfolds like a story, across frames and over time.


My approach to this project was that I was excited. Like any project I wanted to understand sherlock holmes better so I began researching. As I was trying to determine the tone and voice of my website, the color scheme, and much more, I tried to determine how I wanted my website to be portrayed.


II’m very pleased with how this sherlock holmes website turned out. The colour scheme, the UI design, and the content are actually displayed. I found it to be extremely helpful.


Joshmccabe.com Development: Josh McCabe Project: Sherlock Holmes

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